About us


With the approval of Photography Artist Dan Nguyen and some other photographers on the rights to use and exploit their photographic works, MBC Company was established in 2006, we have become one of the multidisciplinary companies, including digital photo supply, negative films of some Vietnamese photographers. We have helped a lot of personal and business customers around the world have photos about Country – People of Vietnam, as well as introducing Vietnamese photographers to friends around the world. Follow our journey!

Our team

Binh Nguyen

 Managing Director

Binh Nguyen is MBC’s Managing Director, who oversees and promotes the company’s overall performance to ensure revenue growth and shape MBC’s development direction in general and VietnamPeople & Landscapes in particular.

We are confident that Binh Nguyen has enough experience in setting up, developing portfolio, corporate integration, regional expansion management and business development.

Dan Nguyen

Art advisor

Start from 1967 as Photographer Press and Art and had selected photos for exhibited in Hanoi from 1979, his domestic and international prize’s collection focus to describe beauty of Vietnam’s people and landscape.

He always put his mind on photography to bring viewers with new and authentic perspectives on the country and people of Vietnam.

He is currently an art advisor for MBC Company as well as running the training for those who love photography.

Thinh Nguyen

 Technical advisor

As an Architect, apart from the passion for art creation of Architecture, Photography, he also has a tendency of technical management, digital contents of the Web.

Put yourself in the position of a user to create a more challenging experience through the structure and contents represented by digitized language.

With the desire to bring the art of photography closer to the viewers, as well as bringing the image of Vietnam to the countries in the world, in order to overcome the language barrier, the image is an innovative, friendly perspective to enjoy.